Igniting innovation across disciplines: Exploring the future of integrated medicine 

19 April 2024

SCM collaborated with the HKBU Research Office to host an enlightening, cross-over "Research Mingle" event on 10 April, showcasing the vital role of Chinese medicine in HKBU's research cluster of "Health and Drug Discovery." Themed around integrated medicine and translational theranostics, the event brought together researchers from various disciplines, sparking new ideas for research collaborations.

In his opening remarks, Professor Lyu Aiping, Vice President (Research and Development) cum Dean of Graduate School and Acting Dean of Chinese Medicine, illustrated the integration between the East and the West in terms of arts, culture, medicine, and science. He underscored the potential of integrating Chinese medicine with Western medical practices for future healthcare breakthroughs, and showcased HKBU's commitment in promoting interdisciplinary research.

Professor Zhang Ge, Associate Dean (Research) of Chinese Medicine, presented an in-depth analysis from four dimensions, including integration of traditional Chinese medicine wisdom and modern medical technologies, synergy between medical science and pharmaceutical science, connection between clinical studies and basic research, and fruitful collaboration between academia and industry. His sharing highlighted SCM’s unique contribution to advancing interdisciplinary research at regional and national levels.

The event attracted a full-house and received enthusiastic support from researchers across various Faculties and Schools. Professor Li Min, Executive Associate Dean of Chinese Medicine, and Professor Zhang Hongjie, Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) of Chinese Medicine, shared their insights on the research progression and future development of Chinese medicine. Notable researchers from other disciplines, including Professor Rick Wong and Professor Liu Jiming from the Faculty of Science, Professor Johnny Poon from the School of Creative Arts, and Professor Cheng Yuk Shing from the School of Business, expressed interest in actively forging dynamic interdisciplinary collaborations with SCM.

SCM is committed to continuing to foster innovation in the realm of research, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved through interdisciplinary collaboration. We look forward to scaling new heights with partners from other Faculties and Schools.

MC__1530 MC__1530

Professor Lyu emphasised that collaboration between Chinese and Western medicine is key to the future of medicine.

MC__1911 MC__1911

The event sparked lively discussions among participants from various Faculties and Schools.

MC__1642 MC__1642

Professor Zhang highlighted SCM’s unique contribution to advancing interdisciplinary research at regional and national levels