New Horizons in Traditional Chinese Medicine: Recap of the 2024 Hong Kong Traditional Chinese Natural Medicines Seminar

29 January 2024

"The  2024 Hong Kong Traditional Chinese Natural Medicines Seminar," organised by the Teaching and Research Division (CMTR), was successfully held on 6 January. During the seminar, six distinguished speakers interpreted the latest developments in Chinese medicines and natural medicines from the perspective of modern scientific technology, sharing a series of remarkable academic achievements and cutting-edge explorations.

Professor Xu Hongxi shared successful cases of new drug transformation, elucidating the potential pathway for Chinese medicines to enter the international market and the promising prospects of new drug development. Professor Li Songlin showcased innovative techniques for the wild rearing of black cicadas and the harvesting of cicada molting, opening doors to the efficient utilisation of Chinese medicinal resources. Utilising advanced mass spectrometry molecular network technology, Professor Zhou Yan presented new strategies for screening and researching in anti-breast cancer medications. Professor Huang Shengxiong's research successfully rectified common misconceptions about cocaine biosynthesis, providing a scientific foundation for related biotechnological advancements. Professor Gao Xuemei conducted in-depth research on the toxicology and pharmacology of natural products using the zebrafish model, contributing fresh perspectives to this scientific domain. Professor Han Quanbin, Simon revealed that Radix Astragali polysaccharides regulate the immune system through a lymphatic absorption pathway independent of blood circulation, providing new insights for polysaccharide-based vaccines or orally administered drugs.

The seminar successfully fostered academic exchange and propelled the development of Chinese medicines. Stay tuned for more captivating content on the School's website.

Professor Han Quanbin, Simon and his research team posed for a photo with the speakers and participants.