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Our Research on Board Tianzhou-1 More Information

SCM researchers conduct research on space life science in China's first cargo spacecraft Tianzhou-1 4 of 8

Sincerity in Service
Erudition and Integrity
About Us

Motto of School of Chinese Medicine.
We are a pioneer and leader in Chinese medicine education, research and healthcare service in the tertiary education sector in Hong Kong. 5 of 8

Holistic Education .Nurturing Talents Education

We offer a full range of academic programmes in Chinese medicine
and pharmacy in Chinese medicine to nurture high quality professionals. 6 of 8

Innovative Research .Pursuing Research Excellence Research

We value both inheritance and innovation,
and employ modern technologies to conduct innovative research in Chinese medicine. 7 of 8

Benevolence and Expertise .Benefiting the Community Clinical service

We have seventeen Chinese medicine clinics providing first-rate healthcare services for the community. 8 of 8